Al Dual, American Roots Guitar



Al Dual "Blue's Back in Town" 

1.- Blue's Back In Town

2.- My Love Runs Too Much

3.- Who Rocks The Chicken

4.- Call "Eo" To Pray

Al Dual´s "Blue´s Back in Town" Produced by Al Dual 2017 from new 7" EP Vinyl Record published by El Toro Records ® Band: Al Dual Voice & Lead Guitar, Mila Rodriguez Rhythm Guitar, Alfonso Múgica Doublebass, Javier Sarmentero Drummer, Music and lyrics © A. Dual Recorded in Geek Studios by Anne (Madrid) Mixed by Jorge Perez at Moma Musicestudio (Valencia) Assistants: Jacobo Cardells & Pedro Olcina. Mastered by Andrew Darby at Georgetown Masters, Nashville TN.